Where is the Honor Society national office located?

Honor Society has strategically located its regional offices in two major cities in the United States— Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, Nevada. This allows for more efficient and effective service and representation for our national member base. The Eastern regional office in Washington D.C. provides access to government institutions, policy-making entities, and networking opportunities with influential individuals in politics and other industries. The Western regional office in Las Vegas, Nevada offers a dynamic location to meet with members in the western half of the country, and provides access to a variety of business and industry events, as well as cultural attractions.

By having locations in both Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, HonorSociety.org can better serve its members and access a range of opportunities. Additionally, it helps to foster a sense of community and connection among members across the country. Regardless of where a member is located, they can feel confident in knowing that Honor Society has a strong and visible presence in two key regions of the United States.

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