What are the first steps to starting a chapter?

As the chapter founder on your campus, the National Office will help you throughout the entire chapter building process. Below are the first steps you will take when you start a chapter on your campus. Contact us at: chapters@unitedsocieties.org

1. Review your university guidelines

You will need to go to the organization or campus life page on your university website. Please review the requirements your university has for approving an organization. Once you have this information, please send it to your contact on the Chapter Development Team at the National Office.

2. Find a faculty adviser

Most universities require student run organizations to have a faculty adviser. 

Click here for advice on finding a faculty adviser.

3. Reach out to Current HonorSociety.org students

Most likely, there are already many current HonorSociety.org members on your campus. You'll need to introduce yourself to them and encourage them to apply to be on the executive board and attend meetings.

4. Receive Official Approval by your University

Once you have received official approval by your university, you're ready to get started on the fun part! Planning meetings, networking with other members, and more!

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