Do you have to maintain a certain GPA?

No. Once you activate your Honor Society membership, you are considered a full-fledged member. Certain scholarships and opportunities may have criteria such as GPA requirements in order to apply. 

Honor Society membership is open to students and professionals in all fields, who desire to pursue excellence and build a framework for success. Recognition tiers help reward students for their achievements within our society, and are often strong candidates for our scholarship programs.

Student GPA Recognition Tiers:
3.80 - 4.0: Highest Honors
3.50 - 3.79: High Honors
3.2 - 3.49: Honors

By allowing members to shine as leaders, whether through their academics, community service or leadership in their own local community, we recognize each member for how they make their own, unique difference, and provide tools and benefits to succeed even further. While GPA is certainly an important measure, we believe there is much more that defines an Honor Society member. Access and benefits are the same for all members regardless of recognition tier.

You can view our prospective member pamphlet in the attachment.

For more info about recognition tiers, please visit:

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to address them for you!

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